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IoT Platforms

IoT Platform

DTC have designed and built a range of IoT platforms tailored to end customer requirements, with DTC and third party devices. Examples of IoT platforms specifically built, include a Power Utility monitoring the FPIs in the field, a Water utility monitoring if power is lost from its pump stations, a water sub metering platform for apartment service providers.


FPI Monitoring

DTC built a platform for a Power Utility to monitor the status of the connected FPIs in the field.

The Platform would monitor in real time any status differences of the FPIs in the field. If the FPIs  detect the most serious alarms either Permanent Faults or Transient Faults , the platform would go to the highest level of warning and send out automatic emails to the control and maintenance personnel on the type and location of the fault. 

Power Outages

A Water utility provider required a platform to know when the power was lost and restored to its pump stations. 

The platform would monitor in real time the power status of its pump status from the DTC supplied PowerFox device and send email notifications to the control centre and maintenance crews of any power outages.

Sub Metering

A power supplier to apartment buildings moved  from manual reads every 2 months to hourly power and water reads with retrofitting IoT pulse devices to their existing electric and water meters.

DTC built them a multi-tenant platform capable of serving multiple apartment buildings and monitoring in real time the power and water usage of each apartment. The power and water usage data is exported into their billing system and is available to download in an excel file.