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Delivering Smart Industrial IoT Solutons

About DTC

DTC designs and manufactures Industrial IoT Devices and solutions. Working with large utilities DTC have created IoT solutions which enhanced visibility of assets, ensuring immediate visibility of faults, ensuring minimal down time, at a fraction of the cost of traditional celular communcations systems. DTC devices work on low power dedicated IoT networks such as SIGFOX


PowerFox is a wireless & autonomous power monitor that measures in real time power on/off and ambient or object temperature


DeskFox is a wireless & autonomous occupation sensor that measures in real time workspace occupation and ambient temperature


SigFlite is a SIGFOX comms adaptor for existing Fault passage Indicators (FPIs) that monitors the status of Medium Voltage Lines

IoT Platform

All devices are supported by a supplied platform or can be integrated into an existing SCADA or 3rd party data management platform.